adjective de·funct \di-ˈfəŋkt, dē-\

: no longer existing or being used

Full Definition of DEFUNCT

:  no longer living, existing, or functioning <that firm is now defunct>

Examples of DEFUNCT

  1. She wrote for the now-defunct newspaper.
  2. <a stack of brochures and a few faded placards are all that remain of the defunct organization>

Origin of DEFUNCT

Latin defunctus, from past participle of defungi to finish, die, from de- + fungi to perform — more at function
First Known Use: 1599

Synonym Discussion of DEFUNCT

dead, defunct, deceased, departed, late mean devoid of life. dead applies literally to what is deprived of vital force but is used figuratively of anything that has lost any attribute (as energy, activity, radiance) suggesting life <a dead, listless performance>. defunct stresses cessation of active existence or operation <a defunct television series>. deceased , departed , and late apply to persons who have died recently. deceased is the preferred term in legal use <the estate of the deceased>. departed is used usually as a euphemism <our departed sister>. late is used especially with reference to a person in a specific relation or status <the company's late president>.

Rhymes with DEFUNCT

DEFUNCT Defined for Kids


adjective de·funct \di-ˈfəŋkt\

Definition of DEFUNCT for Kids

:  no longer existing or being used <The old factory was defunct.>


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