verb de·fraud \di-ˈfrd, dē-\

: to trick or cheat someone or something in order to get money : to use fraud in order to get money from a person, an organization, etc.

Full Definition of DEFRAUD

transitive verb
:  to deprive of something by deception or fraud
de·fraud·er \di-ˈfr-dər\ noun

Examples of DEFRAUD

  1. They were accused of trying to defraud the public.
  2. They conspired to defraud the government.
  3. She was convicted of writing bad checks with intent to defraud.

Origin of DEFRAUD

Middle English, from Anglo-French defrauder, from Latin defraudare, from de- + fraudare to cheat, from fraud-, fraus fraud
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of DEFRAUD

cheat, cozen, defraud, swindle mean to get something by dishonesty or deception. cheat suggests using trickery that escapes observation <cheated me out of a dollar>. cozen implies artful persuading or flattering to attain a thing or a purpose <always able to cozen her grandfather out of a few dollars>. defraud stresses depriving one of his or her rights and usually connotes deliberate perversion of the truth <defrauded of her inheritance by an unscrupulous lawyer>. swindle implies large-scale cheating by misrepresentation or abuse of confidence <swindled of their savings by con artists>.

Other Legal Terms

actionable, alienable, carceral, chattel, complicity, decedent, larceny, malfeasance, modus operandi

Rhymes with DEFRAUD

DEFRAUDING Defined for Kids


verb de·fraud \di-ˈfrd\

Definition of DEFRAUD for Kids

:  to trick or cheat someone in order to get money <They were accused of defrauding customers.>


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