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decision tree


Definition of decision tree

  1. :  a tree diagram which is used for making decisions in business or computer programming and in which the branches represent choices with associated risks, costs, results, or probabilities


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Rhymes with decision tree

Adar Sheni, advanced degree, Aegean Sea, Agri Dagi, alienee, Amundsen Sea, biographee, bouquet garni, carpenter bee, Caspian Sea, casus belli, charcuterie, charivari, chincherinchee, chinoiserie, consent decree, covenantee, cucumber tree, dedicatee, delegatee, distributee, East China Sea, ESOP, evacuee, examinee, exuviae, facetiae, fait accompli, felo-de-se, fortunately, HTLV, interrogee, interviewee, jaborandi, Labrador Sea, millidegree, New Jersey tea, omega-3, Pasiphaë, patisserie, persecutee, poète maudit, prima facie, reliquiae, relocatee, Sault Sainte Marie, Simon Legree, skeleton key, South China Sea, to a degree, umbrella tree, wayfaring tree

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