adjective \ˈsī-klik also ˈsi-\

: happening again and again in the same order : happening in cycles

Full Definition of CYCLIC

a :  of, relating to, or being a cycle
b :  moving in cycles <cyclic time>
c :  of, relating to, or being a chemical compound containing a ring of atoms
cyclic :  being a mathematical group that has an element such that every element of the group can be expressed as one of its powers
cy·cli·cal·ly \-k(ə-)lē\ also cy·clic·ly \ˈsī-kli-klē, ˈsi-\ adverb

Variants of CYCLIC

cy·clic or cy·cli·cal \ˈsī-kli-kəl, ˈsi-\

Examples of CYCLIC

  1. cyclic changes in the weather
  2. the cyclical nature of history

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