custard apple


custard apple


Definition of CUSTARD APPLE

a :  any of several chiefly tropical American soft-fleshed edible fruits
b :  any of a genus (Annona of the family Annonaceae, the custard-apple family) of trees or shrubs bearing this fruit; especially :  a small West Indian tree (A. reticulata)
:  pawpaw 2

First Known Use of CUSTARD APPLE


custard apple

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Custard apple (Annona reticulata).—Walter Dawn

Any of various Annona species of shrubs or small trees of the family Annonaceae, native to the New World tropics and Florida. The family is the largest in the magnolia order and contains approximately 1,100 species of plants in 122 genera. Many species in the family are valuable for their large, pulpy fruits. Others are valued for their timber, and still others as ornamentals. Leaves and wood are often fragrant. The fruit is a berry. The small, tropical American custard apple (Annona reticulata) bears fruits with reddish-yellow, sweetish, custardlike flesh. Other species include the sweetsop (A. squamosa) and the soursop (A. muricata). Bark, leaves, and roots of many species are important in folk medicine.


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