noun chap·el \ˈcha-pəl\

: a small church

: a room or small building that is used for private church services or prayer by a family or group

: a room or area in a church that is used for prayer or small religious services

Full Definition of CHAPEL

:  a subordinate or private place of worship: as
a :  a place of worship serving a residence or institution
b :  a small house of worship usually associated with a main church
c :  a room or recess in a church for meditation and prayer or small religious services
:  a place of worship used by a Christian group other than an established church <a nonconformist chapel>
:  a choir of singers belonging to a chapel
:  a chapel service or assembly at a school or college
:  an association of the employees in a printing office
a :  funeral home
b :  a room for funeral services in a funeral home

Examples of CHAPEL

  1. a wedding chapel in Las Vegas
  2. Church services will be held in the chapel this week.

Origin of CHAPEL

Middle English, from Anglo-French chapele, from Medieval Latin cappella, from diminutive of Late Latin cappa cloak; from the cloak of St. Martin of Tours preserved as a sacred relic in a chapel built for that purpose
First Known Use: 13th century

Rhymes with CHAPEL

CHAPEL Defined for Kids


noun chap·el \ˈcha-pəl\

Definition of CHAPEL for Kids

:  a building or a room or place for prayer or special religious services
:  a religious service or assembly held in a school or college
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