noun \ˈkəsp\

: a pointed end or part where two curves meet

Full Definition of CUSP

:  point, apex: as
a :  a point of transition (as from one historical period to the next) :  turning point; also :  edge, verge <on the cusp of stardom>
b :  either horn of a crescent moon
c :  a fixed point on a mathematical curve at which a point tracing the curve would exactly reverse its direction of motion
d :  an ornamental pointed projection formed by or arising from the intersection of two arcs or foils
e (1) :  a point on the grinding surface of a tooth
(2) :  a fold or flap of a cardiac valve
cus·pate \ˈkəs-ˌpāt, -pət\ adjective
cusped \ˈkəspt\ adjective

Examples of CUSP

  1. the cusp of a tooth
  2. <medical researchers who are on the cusp of a major breakthrough>

Illustration of CUSP

Origin of CUSP

Latin cuspis point
First Known Use: 1585

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noun \ˈkəsp\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of CUSP

: a point on the grinding surface of a tooth
: a fold or flap of a cardiac valve
cus·pal \ˈkəs-pəl\ adjective


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In architecture, the intersection of lobed or scalloped forms, particularly in arches (cusped arches) and tracery. Thus the three lobes of a trefoil (cloverleaf form) are separated by three cusps. Cusped forms appear in early Islamic work and were especially common in the Moorish architecture of North Africa and Spain. The form was adopted wholeheartedly by European Gothic architecture.


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