noun \ˈkəsk\
plural cusk or cusks

Definition of CUSK

:  a large edible North Atlantic fish (Brosme brosme) of the cod family
:  burbot

Origin of CUSK

probably alteration of tusk, a kind of codfish
First Known Use: 1616

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Long-bodied food fish (Brosme brosme) of the cod family, found along the bottom of deep offshore waters on either side of the North Atlantic Ocean. It is a small-scaled fish with a large mouth and a barbel (fleshy feeler) on its chin. It has one dorsal and one anal fin, both long and both connected to the rounded tail. It may grow to a length of 3–3.5 ft (90–110 cm). It varies from yellowish or brownish to a slaty colour and, when young, may be vertically barred with yellow.

Variants of CUSK

cusk or torsk


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