noun \ˈkərb\

: a short border along the edge of a street that is usually made of stone or concrete

: something that controls or limits something else

Full Definition of CURB

:  a bit that exerts severe pressure on a horse's jaws; also :  the chain or strap attached to it — see bit illustration
:  an enclosing frame, border, or edging
:  check, restraint <a price curb>
:  a raised edge or margin to strengthen or confine
:  an edging (as of concrete) built along a street to form part of a gutter
[from the fact that it originally transacted its business on the street] :  a market for trading in securities not listed on a stock exchange

Examples of CURB

  1. We sat on the curb eating our ice cream.
  2. <these international regulations act as a curb on the plundering of a nation's archaeological treasures>

Origin of CURB

Middle French courbe curve, curved piece of wood or iron, from courbe curved, from Latin curvus
First Known Use: 15th century

Other Animal Husbandry Terms

apiary, bantam, calico, girth, hogwash, mast, rut

Rhymes with CURB



: to control or limit (something)

Full Definition of CURB

transitive verb
:  to furnish with a curb
:  to check or control with or as if with a curb <trying to curb her curiosity>
:  to lead (a dog) to a suitable place (as a gutter) for defecation

Examples of CURB

  1. The legislation is intended to curb price and wage increases.
  2. pills designed to curb your appetite

First Known Use of CURB



noun \ˈkərb\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of CURB

:  a swelling on the back of the hind leg of a horse just behind the lowest part of the hock joint that is due to strain or rupture of the ligament and generally causes lameness


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