noun cu·ra·tor \ˈkyr-ˌā-tər, ky-ˈrā-, ˈkyr-ə-\

: a person who is in charge of the things in a museum, zoo, etc.

Full Definition of CURATOR

:  one who has the care and superintendence of something; especially :  one in charge of a museum, zoo, or other place of exhibit
cu·ra·to·ri·al \ˌkyr-ə-ˈtr-ē-əl\ adjective
cu·ra·tor·ship \ˈkyr-ˌā-tər-ˌship, ky-ˈrā-, ˈkyr-ə-\ noun

Origin of CURATOR

Latin, from curare to care, from cura care
First Known Use: 1561

Other Job Terms

factotum, milliner, ostler, scrivener, tinker, webster, wordsmith
CURATORSHIP Defined for Kids


noun cu·ra·tor \ˈkyr-ˌā-tər, ky-ˈrā-, ˈkyr-ə-\

Definition of CURATOR for Kids

:  a person in charge of a museum or zoo

Word Root of CURATOR

The Latin word cūrāre, meaning to care, gives us the root cur. Words from the Latin cūrāre have something to do with giving care. A cure, something that heals sickness, is something that cares for someone's health. Anything accurate has been carefully measured or supplied so that it is free from mistakes. A curator is a person who cares for the things in a museum.


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