noun \ˈkyr-ˌā-tər, ky-ˈrā-, ˈkyr-ə-\

: a person who is in charge of the things in a museum, zoo, etc.

Full Definition of CURATOR

:  one who has the care and superintendence of something; especially :  one in charge of a museum, zoo, or other place of exhibit
cu·ra·to·ri·al \ˌkyr-ə-ˈtr-ē-əl\ adjective
cu·ra·tor·ship \ˈkyr-ˌā-tər-ˌship, ky-ˈrā-, ˈkyr-ə-\ noun

Origin of CURATOR

Latin, from curare to care, from cura care
First Known Use: 1561

Other Job Terms

factotum, milliner, ostler, scrivener, tinker, webster, wordsmith


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