noun \ˈkr-siŋ\

: a place where two things (such as a street and a railroad track) cross each other

: a place where you can cross a street, stream, etc.

: the act of going across something

Full Definition of CROSSING

:  the act or action of crossing: as
a :  a traversing or traveling across
b :  an opposing, blocking, or thwarting especially in an unfair or dishonest manner
a :  a place or structure (as on a street or over a river) where pedestrians or vehicles cross; especially :  crosswalk
b :  the place in a cruciform church where the transept crosses the nave
c :  a place where a railroad track crosses a street

Examples of CROSSING

  1. Stop at the railroad crossing.
  2. a crossing for ferry boats
  3. the crossing of a mountain range
  4. a weeklong crossing of the Atlantic Ocean

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