verb \ˈkrs-ˌbrēd, -ˈbrēd\

: to make two different kinds of animal breed together

: to mix two kinds of plant to form a new one

cross·bred\-ˌbred, -ˈbred\cross·breed·ing

Full Definition of CROSSBREED

transitive verb
:  hybridize, cross; especially :  to cross (two varieties or breeds) within the same species
intransitive verb
:  to engage in or undergo hybridization

First Known Use of CROSSBREED



noun \-ˌbrēd\

Definition of CROSSBREED

:  hybrid

Examples of CROSSBREED

  1. <a Siamese crossbreed who was atypically black, but had the build and voice of a Siamese>

First Known Use of CROSSBREED



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