noun croc·o·dile \ˈkrä-kə-ˌdī(-ə)l\

: a large reptile that has a long body, thick skin, and a long, thin mouth with sharp teeth and that lives in the water in regions with hot weather

: the skin of the crocodile used for making shoes and others products

: a line of people and especially of schoolchildren who are walking in pairs

Full Definition of CROCODILE

a :  any of several large carnivorous thick-skinned long-bodied aquatic reptiles (family Crocodylidae) of tropical and subtropical waters; broadly :  crocodilian
b :  the skin or hide of a crocodile
chiefly British :  a line of people (as schoolchildren) usually walking in pairs

Illustration of CROCODILE


Middle English & Latin; Middle English cocodrille, from Anglo-French, from Medieval Latin cocodrillus, alteration of Latin crocodilus, from Greek krokodilos lizard, crocodile, from krokē shingle, pebble + drilos worm; akin to Sanskrit śarkara pebble
First Known Use: 1555


geographical name

Definition of CROCODILE

— see limpopo
CROCODILE Defined for Kids


noun croc·o·dile \ˈkrä-kə-ˌdīl\

Definition of CROCODILE for Kids

:  a reptile that resembles the related alligator but that has a long narrow snout

Word History of CROCODILE

The word crocodile is taken from Greek krokodeilos, which is probably a compound of krokē, pebble, stone, and a rare word drilos, which may mean worm. According to the ancient Greek writer Herodotus, some Greeks gave this name to the lizards that lived among the stone walls of their farms. When these Greeks visited Egypt, the enormous reptiles of the Nile River reminded them of the lizards and they applied the same name to them.
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