noun \krə-ˈtēk, kri-\

: a careful judgment in which you give your opinion about the good and bad parts of something (such as a piece of writing or a work of art)

Full Definition of CRITIQUE

:  an act of criticizing; especially :  a critical estimate or discussion <a critique of the poet's work>

Examples of CRITIQUE

  1. She wrote a radical critique of the philosopher's early essays.
  2. They gave a fair and honest critique of her art.

Origin of CRITIQUE

alteration of 2critic
First Known Use: 1710



: to express your opinion about the good and bad parts of (something) : to give a critique of (something)


Full Definition of CRITIQUE

transitive verb
:  to examine critically :  review <critique the plan>

Examples of CRITIQUE

  1. The class convened to critique the student's latest painting.

First Known Use of CRITIQUE



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