noun \bə-ˈtēk, ˈba-tik\

Definition of BATIK

:  a fabric printed by an Indonesian method of hand-printing textiles by coating with wax the parts not to be dyed; also :  the method itself
:  a design executed in batik

Origin of BATIK

Javanese baṭik
First Known Use: 1830

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Method of dyeing textiles, principally cottons, in which patterned areas are covered with wax so that they will not receive colour. Multicoloured effects are achieved by repeating the dyeing process several times, the initial pattern of wax being boiled off and another design applied before redyeing. Wax was applied with bamboo strips in Indonesia, where the technique originated. A small copper pot with a handle and narrow applicator spout for applying the wax came into use in Java by the mid 18th century; a wood-block wax applicator was developed in the 19th century. Dutch traders imported the cloth and the technique to Europe. Today machines for applying wax in traditional Javanese patterns reproduce the same effects as the hand-dyeing process.


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