noun \ˈkr-ē-ər, ˈkər-ē-, ˈkə-rē-\

: a person whose job is to carry messages, packages, etc., from one person or place to another

: a business that is used to send messages, packages, etc.

: a person who is employed by a travel company and whose job is to help people who are on holiday

Full Definition of COURIER

:  messenger: as
a :  a member of a diplomatic service entrusted with bearing messages
b (1) :  an espionage agent transferring secret information
(2) :  a runner of contraband
c :  a member of the armed services whose duties include carrying mail, information, or supplies
:  a traveler's paid attendant; especially :  a tourists' guide employed by a travel agency

Examples of COURIER

  1. Police recently arrested a drug courier in our neighborhood.
  2. The documents were sent by overnight courier.

Origin of COURIER

Middle French courrier, from Old Italian corriere, from correre to run, from Latin currere
First Known Use: 1579

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