noun coun·sel \ˈkan(t)-səl\

: advice given to someone

law : a lawyer who represents a person or group in a court of law

Full Definition of COUNSEL

a :  advice given especially as a result of consultation
b :  a policy or plan of action or behavior
a archaic :  purpose
b :  guarded thoughts or intentions
a plural counsel (1) :  a lawyer engaged in the trial or management of a case in court (2) :  a lawyer appointed to advise and represent in legal matters an individual client or a corporate and especially a public body
b :  consultant 2

Examples of COUNSEL

  1. You were unwise to reject my counsel.
  2. The student sought counsel from her teacher.
  3. She is serving as counsel for the defendant.
  4. All counsel are expected to obey the rules of the court.
  5. We seek counsel from the rich and powerful to learn their secret … —Ken Tucker, Entertainment Weekly, 13 Feb. 2004

Origin of COUNSEL

Middle English conseil, from Anglo-French cunseil, from Latin consilium, from consulere to consult
First Known Use: 13th century


verb coun·sel \ˈkan(t)-səl\

: to give advice to (someone)

: to listen to and give support or advice to (someone) especially as a job

: to suggest or recommend (something)

coun·seled or coun·selledcoun·sel·ing or coun·sel·ling \-s(ə-)liŋ\

Full Definition of COUNSEL

transitive verb
:  advise <counseled them to avoid rash actions — George Orwell>
intransitive verb
:  consult <counseled with her husband>

Examples of COUNSEL

  1. He counsels people who are trying to quit drinking.
  2. <concerned parents counseling about the problem of substance abuse in their community>
  3. He balked at authority and, according to Mr. Green, tuned you out if you tried to counsel him. —David Grann, New Republic, 14 Feb. 2000

Origin of COUNSEL

(see 1counsel)
First Known Use: 14th century

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