verb con·vene \kən-ˈvēn\

: to come together in a group for a meeting


Full Definition of CONVENE

intransitive verb
:  to come together in a body
transitive verb
:  to summon before a tribunal
:  to cause to assemble
con·ven·er or con·ve·nor \-ˈvē-nər\ noun

Examples of CONVENE

  1. We convened at the hotel for a seminar.
  2. This class convenes twice a week.
  3. A panel of investigators was convened by the president to review the case.

Origin of CONVENE

Middle English, from Medieval Latin convenire, from Latin, to assemble — more at convenient
First Known Use: 15th century

Synonym Discussion of CONVENE

summon, call, cite, convoke, convene, muster mean to demand the presence of. summon implies the exercise of authority <was summoned to answer charges>. call may be used less formally for summon <called the legislature into special session>. cite implies a summoning to court usually to answer a charge <cited for drunken driving>. convoke implies a summons to assemble for deliberative or legislative purposes <convoked a Vatican council>. convene is somewhat less formal than convoke <convened the students>. muster suggests a calling up of a number of things that form a group in order that they may be exhibited, displayed, or utilized as a whole <mustered the troops>.
CONVENER Defined for Kids


verb con·vene \kən-ˈvēn\

Definition of CONVENE for Kids

:  to come or bring together as an assembly <The legislature convened on Tuesday.> <The teacher convened the class.>

Word Root of CONVENE

The Latin word venīre, meaning to come, and its form ventus give us the roots ven and vent. Words from the Latin venīre have something to do with coming. To invent is to come up with a new idea or device that no one has thought of before. To convene is to come together for a purpose. An event is an occasion when many people come together.


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