noun \ˌkän-tə-ˈnü-ə-tē, -ˈnyü-\

: the quality of something that does not stop or change as time passes : a continuous quality

: something that is the same or similar in two or more things and provides a connection between them

: the arrangement of the parts in a story, movie, etc., in a way that is logical

plural con·ti·nu·i·ties

Full Definition of CONTINUITY

a :  uninterrupted connection, succession, or union
b :  uninterrupted duration or continuation especially without essential change
:  something that has, exhibits, or provides continuity: as
a :  a script or scenario in the performing arts
b :  transitional spoken or musical matter especially for a radio or television program
c :  the story and dialogue of a comic strip
:  the property of being mathematically continuous

Examples of CONTINUITY

  1. The art historian is studying the continuities between the painter's works and those of her followers.
  2. There's a problem with the movie's continuity.

First Known Use of CONTINUITY

15th century

Other Broadcasting Terms

dissolve, fade, feed, remote, residual, spike, wipe


noun \ˌkänt-ən-ˈ(y)ü-ət-ē\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural con·ti·nu·it·ies

Medical Definition of CONTINUITY

: uninterrupted connection, succession, or union


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In mathematics, a property of functions and their graphs. A continuous function is one whose graph has no breaks, gaps, or jumps. It is defined using the concept of a limit. Specifically, a function is said to be continuous at a value x if the limit of the function exists there and is equal to the function's value at that point. When this condition holds true for all real number values of x in an interval, the result is a graph that can be drawn over that interval without lifting the pencil. Such functions are crucial to the theory of calculus, not just because they model most physical systems but because the theorems that lead to the derivative and the integral assume the continuity of the functions involved.


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