adjective \kən-ˈsis-tənt\

: always acting or behaving in the same way

: of the same quality; especially : good each time

: continuing to happen or develop in the same way

Full Definition of CONSISTENT

archaic :  possessing firmness or coherence
a :  marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity :  free from variation or contradiction <a consistent style in painting>
b :  marked by agreement :  compatible —usually used with with <statements not consistent with the truth>
c :  showing steady conformity to character, profession, belief, or custom <a consistent patriot>
:  tending to be arbitrarily close to the true value of the parameter estimated as the sample becomes large <a consistent statistical estimator>
con·sis·tent·ly \-lē\ adverb

Examples of CONSISTENT

  1. He is a consistent supporter of the museum.
  2. We need to be more consistent in handling this problem.
  3. Customers expect that the quality of service they receive will be consistent.
  4. The pain has been consistent.
  5. Your grades have shown consistent improvement this school year.
  6. Their descriptions of the accident were consistent.
  7. The decision was consistent with the company's policy.
  8. … the sixty-five-year-old filmmaker continues to practice his craft with consistent artistic aplomb. —Peter Travers, Rolling Stone, 30 Aug. 2001


Latin consistent-, consistens, present participle of consistere (see 1consist)
First Known Use: 1638


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