noun \ˈkän-f(ə-)rən(t)s, -fərn(t)s, for 2 usually kən-ˈfər-ən(t)s\

: a formal meeting in which many people gather in order to talk about ideas or problems related to a particular topic (such as medicine or business) usually for several days

: a formal meeting in which a small number of people talk about something

: a group of sports teams that play against each other and that are part of a larger league of teams

Full Definition of CONFERENCE

a :  a meeting of two or more persons for discussing matters of common concern
b :  a usually formal interchange of views :  consultation
c :  a meeting of members of the two branches of a legislature to adjust differences
d :  caucus
also con·fer·rence \kən-ˈfər-ən(t)s\ :  bestowal, conferment
a :  a representative assembly or administrative organization of a religious denomination
b :  a territorial division of a religious denomination
:  an association of athletic teams
con·fer·en·tial \ˌkän-fə-ˈren(t)-shəl\ adjective

Examples of CONFERENCE

  1. The organization held its annual conference in New York this year.
  2. national conferences on women's health
  3. a conference of foreign ministers
  4. Our boss called a conference to discuss the new changes.
  5. He spent an hour in conference with the president.
  6. the champions of the American Football Conference

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