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verb be·stow \bi-ˈstō, bē-\

Simple Definition of bestow

  • : to give (something) as a gift or honor

Full Definition of bestow

  1. transitive verb
  2. 1 :  to put to use :  apply <bestowed his spare time on study>

  3. 2 :  to put in a particular or appropriate place :  stow

  4. 3 :  to provide with quarters :  put up

  5. 4 :  to convey as a gift —usually used with on or upon

be·stow·al play \-ˈstō-əl\ noun
be·stow·er play \-ˈstō(-ə)r\ noun

Examples of bestow

  1. The university bestowed on her an honorary degree.

  2. <bestowed a new car on their son for graduation>

Origin of bestow

Middle English, from be- + stowe place — more at stow

First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of bestow

give, present, donate, bestow, confer, afford mean to convey to another as a possession. give, the general term, is applicable to any passing over of anything by any means <give alms> <gave her a ride on a pony> <give my love to your mother>. present carries a note of formality and ceremony <present an award>. donate is likely to imply a publicized giving (as to charity) <donate a piano to the orphanage>. bestow implies the conveying of something as a gift and may suggest condescension on the part of the giver <bestow unwanted advice>. confer implies a gracious giving (as of a favor or honor) <confer an honorary degree>. afford implies a giving or bestowing usually as a natural or legitimate consequence of the character of the giver <the trees afford shade> <a development that affords us some hope>.

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