verb \kəm-ˈprt\

Definition of COMPORT

intransitive verb
:  to be fitting :  accord <actions that comport with policy>
transitive verb
:  behave; especially :  to behave in a manner conformable to what is right, proper, or expected <comported himself well in the crisis>
com·port·ment \-mənt\ noun

Examples of COMPORT

  1. <an outfit that most definitely does not comport with the company's guidelines for dress-down days>
  2. <the grieving relatives comported themselves with grace and dignity during that difficult time>

Origin of COMPORT

Middle French comporter to bear, conduct, from Latin comportare to bring together, from com- + portare to carry — more at fare
First Known Use: 1589


noun \ˈkäm-ˌprt\

Definition of COMPORT

:  compote 2

First Known Use of COMPORT



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