adjective com·plete \kəm-ˈplēt\

: having all necessary parts : not lacking anything

: not limited in any way

: not requiring more work : entirely done or completed


Full Definition of COMPLETE

a :  having all necessary parts, elements, or steps <a complete diet>
b :  having all four sets of floral organs
c of a subject or predicate :  including modifiers, complements, or objects
:  brought to an end :  concluded <a complete period of time>
:  highly proficient <a complete artist>
a :  fully carried out :  thorough <a complete renovation>
b :  total, absolute <complete silence>
c of a football pass :  legally caught
of insect metamorphosis :  characterized by the occurrence of a pupal stage between the motile immature stages and the adult — compare incomplete 1b
of a metric space :  having the property that every Cauchy sequence of elements converges to a limit in the space
com·plete·ly adverb
com·plete·ness noun
com·ple·tive \-ˈplē-tiv\ adjective
complete with
:  made complete by the inclusion of <a birthday cake complete with candles>

Examples of COMPLETE

  1. He spoke in complete sentences.
  2. They sat in complete silence.

Origin of COMPLETE

Middle English complet, from Latin completus, from past participle of complēre
First Known Use: 14th century



: to finish making or doing (something) : to bring (something) to an end or to a finished state

: to make (something) whole or perfect

American football : to throw (a forward pass) to a teammate who catches it


Full Definition of COMPLETE

transitive verb
:  to bring to an end and especially into a perfected state <complete a painting>
a :  to make whole or perfect <its song completes the charm of this bird>
b :  to mark the end of <a rousing chorus completes the show>
c :  execute, fulfill <complete a contract>
:  to carry out (a forward pass) successfully

Examples of COMPLETE

  1. The project took four months to complete.
  2. Her latest purchase completes her collection.
  3. The new baby completed their family.
  4. The quarterback completed 12 out of 15 passes.

First Known Use of COMPLETE

15th century


adjective com·plete \kəm-ˈplēt\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of COMPLETE

of insect metamorphosis :  characterized by the occurrence of a pupal stage between the motile immature stages and the adult—compare incomplete 1
of a bone fracture :  characterized by a break passing entirely across the bone—compare incomplete 2


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