adjective \kəm-ˈpakt, käm-ˈ, ˈkäm-ˌ\

: smaller than other things of the same kind

: using little space and having parts that are close together

: closely or firmly packed or joined together

Full Definition of COMPACT

:  predominantly formed or filled :  composed, made
a :  having a dense structure or parts or units closely packed or joined <a compact woolen> <compact bone>
b :  not diffuse or verbose <a compact statement>
c :  occupying a small volume by reason of efficient use of space <a compact camera> <a compact formation of troops>
d :  short-bodied, solid, and without excess flesh
:  being a topological space and especially a metric space with the property that for any collection of open sets which contains it there is a subset of the collection with a finite number of elements which also contains it
com·pact·ly \-ˈpak(t)-lē, -ˌpak(t)-\ adverb
com·pact·ness \-ˈpak(t)-nəs, -ˌpak(t)-\ noun

Examples of COMPACT

  1. The drill has a compact design.
  2. the apartment's compact floor plan
  3. The cabin was compact but perfectly adequate.
  4. He is compact and muscular.
  5. He has a compact body.

Origin of COMPACT

Middle English, firmly put together, from Latin compactus, from past participle of compingere to put together, from com- + pangere to fasten — more at pact
First Known Use: 14th century



: to press (something) so that it is harder and fills less space

Full Definition of COMPACT

transitive verb
:  to make up by connecting or combining :  compose
a :  to knit or draw together :  combine
b :  to press together :  compress
intransitive verb
:  to become compacted
com·pact·ible \-ˈpak-tə-bəl, -ˌpak-\ adjective
com·pac·tor also com·pact·er \-ˈpak-tər, -ˌpak-\ noun

Examples of COMPACT

  1. The snow had compacted into a hard icy layer.
  2. <the media giant decided to compact all of its far-flung operations onto a single site>

First Known Use of COMPACT

15th century


noun \ˈkäm-ˌpakt\

Definition of COMPACT

:  something that is compact or compacted:
a :  a small cosmetic case (as for compressed powder)
b :  an automobile smaller than an intermediate but larger than a subcompact

First Known Use of COMPACT



noun \ˈkäm-ˌpakt\

Definition of COMPACT

:  an agreement or covenant between two or more parties

Origin of COMPACT

Latin compactum, from neuter of compactus, past participle of compacisci to make an agreement, from com- + pacisci to contract — more at pact
First Known Use: 1591


adjective \kəm-ˈpakt, käm-ˈ, ˈkäm-ˌ\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of COMPACT

: having a dense structure without small cavities or cells <compact bone>—compare cancellous

Illustration of COMPACT


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