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verb com·mu·ni·cate \kə-ˈmyü-nə-ˌkāt\

Simple Definition of communicate

  • : to give information about (something) to someone by speaking, writing, moving your hands, etc.

  • : to get someone to understand your thoughts or feelings

  • medical : to pass (a disease) from one person or animal to another

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of communicate



  1. transitive verb
  2. 1 archaic :  share

  3. 2 a :  to convey knowledge of or information about :  make known <communicate a story> b :  to reveal by clear signs <his fear communicated itself to his friends>

  4. 3 :  to cause to pass from one to another <some diseases are easily communicated>

  5. intransitive verb
  6. 1 :  to receive Communion

  7. 2 :  to transmit information, thought, or feeling so that it is satisfactorily received or understood <two sides failing to communicate with each other>

  8. 3 :  to open into each other :  connect <the rooms communicate>


play \-ˌmyü-ni-kə-ˈtē\ noun


play \-ˈmyü-nə-ˌkā-tər\ noun

Examples of communicate in a sentence

  1. He was asked to communicate the news to the rest of the people.

  2. She communicated her ideas to the group.

  3. The two computers are able to communicate directly with one another.

  4. The pilot communicated with the airport just before the crash.

  5. The couple has trouble communicating.

  6. the challenge of getting the two groups to communicate with each other

  7. We communicate a lot of information through body language.

  8. He communicated his dissatisfaction to the staff.

  9. If you're excited about the product, your enthusiasm will communicate itself to customers.

  10. The disease is communicated through saliva.

Origin and Etymology of communicate

Latin communicatus, past participle of communicare to impart, participate, from communis common — more at mean

First Known Use: 1526

Rhymes with communicate

abbreviate, abominate, accelerate, accentuate, accommodate, acculturate, accumulate, adjudicate, adulterate, affiliate, agglomerate, alienate, alleviate, alliterate, amalgamate, ameliorate, amyl nitrate, annihilate, annunciate, anticipate, apostolate, appreciate, appropriate, approximate, arpeggiate, articulate, asphyxiate, assassinate, asseverate, assimilate, associate, at any rate, attenuate, authenticate, barbiturate, bicarbonate, calumniate, capacitate, capitulate, catholicate, certificate, coagulate, coelenterate, collaborate, commemorate, commiserate, compassionate, concatenate, conciliate, confabulate, confederate, conglomerate, congratulate, consolidate, contaminate, cooperate, coordinate, corroborate, deactivate, debilitate, decapitate, decelerate, decerebrate, deconcentrate, deconsecrate, decorticate, decrepitate, de-escalate, defibrinate, defoliate, degenerate, deliberate, delineate, demodulate, denominate, depopulate, depreciate, deracinate, deregulate, desegregate, desiderate, detoxicate, devaluate, diaconate, dilapidate, discriminate, disintegrate, disseminate, dissimulate, dissociate, domesticate, effectuate, ejaculate, elaborate, electroplate, eliminate, elucidate, emaciate, emancipate, emasculate, encapsulate, enumerate, enunciate, episcopate, equivocate, eradicate, etiolate, evacuate, evaluate, evaporate, eventuate, eviscerate, exacerbate, exaggerate, exasperate, excited state, excogitate, excoriate, exfoliate, exhilarate, exonerate, expatiate, expatriate, expectorate, expostulate, expropriate, extenuate, exterminate, extrapolate, facilitate, felicitate, fish or cut bait, garrison state, gesticulate, habilitate, habituate, hallucinate, humiliate, hydrogenate, hypothecate, illuminate, impersonate, inactivate, inaugurate, incarcerate, incinerate, incorporate, incriminate, indoctrinate, inebriate, infatuate, infuriate, ingratiate, ingurgitate, initiate, inoculate, inseminate, insinuate, instantiate, intercalate, interpolate, interrelate, interrogate, intimidate, intoxicate, invalidate, investigate, invigorate, irradiate, Italianate, Korea Strait, lanceolate, legitimate, luxuriate, mandarinate, manipulate, matriarchate, matriculate, Merthiolate, necessitate, negotiate, noncandidate, obliterate, officiate, Orange Free State, orientate, originate, oxygenate, participate, particulate, patriarchate, patriciate, perambulate, peregrinate, perpetuate, pontificate, precipitate, predestinate, predominate, prefabricate, premeditate, preponderate, prevaricate, procrastinate, prognosticate, proliferate, propitiate, proportionate, quadruplicate, quintuplicate, reciprocate, recriminate, recuperate, redecorate, reduplicate, reeducate, refrigerate, regenerate, regurgitate, reincarnate, reintegrate, reiterate, rejuvenate, remunerate, repatriate, repudiate, resuscitate, retaliate, reticulate, revaluate, reverberate, scholasticate, second estate, self-flagellate, self-immolate, self-pollinate, seventy-eight, sextuplicate, Singapore Strait, sophisticate, subordinate, substantiate, syllabicate, tergiversate, transliterate, triangulate, vanity plate, variegate, vaticinate, vituperate, vociferate

COMMUNICATE Defined for Kids


verb com·mu·ni·cate \kə-ˈmyü-nə-ˌkāt\

Definition of communicate for Students



  1. 1 :  to get in touch <“… we won't be able to communicate. The mail is unpredictable …” — Pam Muñoz Ryan, Esperanza Rising>

  2. 2 :  to make known <I communicated my needs to the nurse.>

  3. 3 :  to pass (as a disease) from one to another :  spread

Medical Dictionary


transitive verb com·mu·ni·cate \kə-ˈmyü-nə-ˌkāt\

Medical Definition of communicate




  1. :  to cause to pass from one to another <some diseases are easily communicated>

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