come out

come out


Definition of COME OUT

intransitive verb
a :  to come into public view :  make a public appearance <a new magazine has come out>
b :  to become evident <his pride came out in his refusal to accept help>
:  to declare oneself especially in public utterance <came out in favor of the proposal>
:  to turn out in an outcome :  end up <everything came out all right>
:  to make a debut
a :  to openly declare one's homosexuality
b :  to openly declare something about oneself previously kept hidden —often used with as <blew his cover and came out as a CIA agent — William Prochnau>
com·ing–out \ˌkə-miŋ-ˈat\ noun or adjective
come out with
:  to give expression to <came out with a new proposal>
:  publish

Examples of COME OUT

  1. <in the end everything came out OK>
  2. <come out, come out wherever you are!>

First Known Use of COME OUT

13th century


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