adjective co·her·ent \kō-ˈhir-ənt, -ˈher-\

: logical and well-organized : easy to understand

: able to talk or express yourself in a clear way that can be easily understood

: working closely and well together

Full Definition of COHERENT

a :  logically or aesthetically ordered or integrated :  consistent <coherent style> <a coherent argument>
b :  having clarity or intelligibility :  understandable <a coherent person> <a coherent passage>
:  having the quality of holding together or cohering; especially :  cohesive, coordinated <a coherent plan for action>
a :  relating to or composed of waves having a constant difference in phase <coherent light>
b :  producing coherent light <a coherent source>
co·her·ent·ly adverb

Examples of COHERENT

  1. He proposed the most coherent plan to improve the schools.
  2. They are able to function as a coherent group.
  3. … the diaries and the novels demonstrate how a novelist tweaks and grooms reality into something more structured and coherent than life as it is lived. —Penelope Lively, Atlantic, February 2001

Origin of COHERENT

Middle French or Latin; Middle French cohérent, from Latin cohaerent-, cohaerens, present participle of cohaerēre (see cohere)
First Known Use: circa 1555

Rhymes with COHERENT

COHERENTLY Defined for Kids


adjective co·her·ent \kō-ˈhir-ənt, -ˈher-\

Definition of COHERENT for Kids

:  logical and well-organized <a coherent speech>
:  to be able to speak well <The accident left her shaken but coherent.>


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