cod-liver oil

cod–liver oil


: an oil from the liver of cod that is used in medicine as a source of vitamin A and D

Full Definition of COD-LIVER OIL

:  an oil obtained from the liver of the cod and closely related fishes and used as a source of vitamins A and D

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cod–liver oil

noun    (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of COD–LIVER OIL

: a pale yellow fatty oil obtained from the liver of the cod (Gadus morhua) and related fishes and used in medicine (as in the prophylaxis of rickets) chiefly as a source of vitamins A and D—compare fish-liver oil

cod-liver oil

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Oil obtained primarily from the liver of the Atlantic cod and related fish. It is principally a mixture of the glycerides (see glycerol) of many fatty acids, but its minor constituents, the fat-soluble vitamin A and vitamin D, give it its importance. It was once used to treat and prevent rickets, but the widespread fortification of milk with vitamin D in the United States and Europe beginning in the 1930s eliminated rickets as a significant public health problem. It is still used as a remedy for joint pain caused by arthritis and as a preventive of cardiovascular disease, although these benefits have not been proven scientifically. It is also used in feeds for poultry and other animals.


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