noun \ˈkləb-ˌft\

: a foot that does not have a normal shape : a badly twisted or deformed foot that someone is born with; also : the medical condition of having such a foot

Full Definition of CLUBFOOT

:  a congenitally misshapen foot twisted out of position; also :  this deformity
club·foot·ed \-ˌf-təd\ adjective

Examples of CLUBFOOT

  1. clubfoot and other major birth defects

First Known Use of CLUBFOOT



noun \ˈkləb-ˈft\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural club·feet \-ˈfēt\

Medical Definition of CLUBFOOT

: any of numerous congenital deformities of the foot in which it is twisted out of position or shape—called also talipes; compare talipes equinovarus, talipes equinus, talipes valgus, talipes varus
: a foot affected with clubfoot
club·foot·ed \-ˈft-əd\ adjective


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