verb \ˈklōth\

: to provide (someone) with clothes

: to dress (someone) in a particular type of clothing

clothed or clad \ˈklad\ cloth·ing

Full Definition of CLOTHE

transitive verb
a :  to cover with or as if with cloth or clothing :  dress
b :  to provide with clothes <the cost of feeding and clothing a family>
:  to express or enhance by suitably significant language :  couch <treaties clothed in stately phraseology>
:  to endow especially with power or a quality <the nobility in which religion and history can clothe humanity — D.R. Wallace>

Examples of CLOTHE

  1. the cost of feeding and clothing your children
  2. <they liked to clothe the twins in identical outfits just to confuse people>

Origin of CLOTHE

Middle English, from Old English clāthian, from clāth
First Known Use: before 12th century

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