noun \ˈchir\

: a shout of praise or encouragement

: a happy feeling or attitude

: a special song or chant that is performed to encourage a team during a game in sports like American football and basketball

Full Definition of CHEER

a obsolete :  face
b archaic :  facial expression
:  state of mind or heart :  spirit <be of good cheer — Matthew 9:2(Authorized Version)>
:  lightness of mind and feeling :  animation, gaiety
:  hospitable entertainment :  welcome
:  food and drink for a feast :  fare
:  something that gladdens <words of cheer>
:  a shout of applause or encouragement

Examples of CHEER

  1. The audience let out a cheer.
  2. Loud cheers were coming from the bleachers.
  3. The star was greeted with cheers.
  4. Let's spread a little holiday cheer.
  5. The cheerleaders did a cheer for the home team.

Origin of CHEER

Middle English chere face, cheer, from Anglo-French, face, from Medieval Latin cara, probably from Greek kara head, face — more at cerebral
First Known Use: 13th century



: to shout with joy, approval, or enthusiasm

: to express enthusiastic approval of or support for (something)

: to cause (someone) to feel happier or more hopeful

Full Definition of CHEER

transitive verb
a :  to instill with hope or courage :  comfort —usually used with up
b :  to make glad or happy —usually used with up
:  to urge on or encourage especially by shouts <cheered the team on>
:  to applaud with shouts
intransitive verb
obsolete :  to be mentally or emotionally disposed
:  to grow or be cheerful :  rejoice —usually used with up
:  to utter a shout of applause or triumph
cheer·er noun

Examples of CHEER

  1. The crowd cheered as he crossed the finish line.
  2. We were cheering for you all the way!
  3. The crowd cheered him as he crossed the finish line.
  4. Their fans cheered them to victory.
  5. Supporters cheered the court's decision.
  6. Investors were cheered by good economic news.

First Known Use of CHEER

14th century


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