noun \ˈha-səd, ˈä-\
plural Ha·si·dim also Cha·si·dim or Chas·si·dim \ˈha-sə-dəm, ä-ˈsē-\

Definition of HASID

:  a member of a Jewish sect of the second century b.c. opposed to Hellenism and devoted to the strict observance of the ritual law
also Has·sid :  a member of a Jewish mystical sect founded in Poland about 1750 in opposition to rationalism and ritual laxity
Ha·sid·ic also Has·sid·ic or Cha·sid·ic or Chas·sid·ic \ha-ˈsi-dik, hä-, ä-\ adjective

Variants of HASID

Ha·sid also Cha·sid or Chas·sid \ˈha-səd, ˈä-\

Origin of HASID

Hebrew ḥāsīdh pious
First Known Use: 1812

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