verb \ˌən-ˈdü, ˈən-\

: to open or release (something) : to unfasten or loosen (something)

: to change or stop the effect of (something)

: to cause the failure of (someone or something)


Full Definition of UNDO

transitive verb
:  to open or loose by releasing a fastening
:  to make of no effect or as if not done :  make null :  reverse
a :  to ruin the worldly means, reputation, or hopes of <a politician undone by scandal>
b :  to disturb the composure of :  upset <she's come undone>
c :  seduce 3
intransitive verb
:  to come open or apart
un·do·er \-ˈdü-ər\ noun

Examples of UNDO

  1. You can't undo the past.
  2. The damage cannot be undone.
  3. He was undone by greed.

First Known Use of UNDO

before 12th century


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