verb char·ac·ter·ize \ˈker-ik-tə-ˌrīz, ˈka-rik-\

: to describe the character or special qualities of (someone or something)

: to be a typical feature or quality of (someone or something)


Full Definition of CHARACTERIZE

transitive verb
:  to describe the character or quality of <characterizes him as ambitious>
:  to be a characteristic of :  distinguish <an era characterized by greed>


  1. How would you characterize the situation?
  2. I would characterize this as a positive change for our company.
  3. She had difficulty characterizing their relationship.
  4. His personality is hard to characterize.
  5. Farms and large flat fields characterize most of the area.
  6. the beliefs that characterized Europe in the 15th century

First Known Use of CHARACTERIZE



accessorize, acclimatize, actualize, aerobicize, aestheticize, Africanize, allegorize, alphabetize, analogize, anatomize, anesthetize, animalize, annualize, antagonize, anthologize, anticlockwise, apologize, apostatize, apostrophize, arabicize, aromatize, automatize, bureaucratize, cannibalize, capitalize, categorize, catheterize, catholicize, collectivize, commercialize, commoditize, communalize, computerize, conservatize, containerize, contrariwise, conveyorize, cosmeticize, counterclockwise, criminalize, cross-fertilize, cut down to size, decentralize, decolonize, de-emphasize, de-energize, defeminize, deformalize, deglamorize, dehumanize, deionize, demagnetize, demobilize, democratize, demoralize, denationalize, deodorize, depersonalize, depolarize, depressurize, desensitize, destabilize, destigmatize, detribalize, devitalize, diabolize, digitalize, disenfranchise, disorganize, economize, emblematize, emotionalize, epitomize, epoxidize, eroticize, eternalize, evangelize, extemporize, externalize, familiarize, fanaticize, fictionalize, floor exercise, fool's paradise, formularize, free enterprise, gelatinize, generalize, geologize, Hispanicize, historicize, homogenize, hospitalize, hypothesize, idealize, illegalize, immobilize, immortalize, impersonalize, Indianize, indigenize, infantilize, initialize, internalize, italicize, legitimize, liberalize, literalize, lobotomize, lysogenize, macadamize, marginalize, metabolize, metastasize, militarize, mineralize, monopolize, mythologize, nationalize, naturalize, parenthesize, philosophize, poeticize, politicize, popularize, prioritize, proselytize, radicalize, reorganize, revitalize, ritualize, romanticize, secularize, self-fertilize, sensualize, sexualize, sovietize, subjectivize, suburbanize, subvocalize, systematize, temporalize, theologize, traditionalize, trivialize, ventriloquize, visualize
CHARACTERIZED Defined for Kids


verb char·ac·ter·ize \ˈker-ək-tə-ˌrīz\

Definition of CHARACTERIZE for Kids

:  to describe the special qualities of <I would characterize this as a positive change.>
:  to be a typical or distinguishing quality of <Mystery and intrigue characterize this story.>


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