verb \ˈsen-trə-ˌlīz\

: to bring (things that are in different places) together at a single point or place

: to bring (something) under the control of one authority


Full Definition of CENTRALIZE

intransitive verb
:  to form a center :  cluster around a center
transitive verb
:  to bring to a center :  consolidate <centralize all the data in one file>
:  to concentrate by placing power and authority in a center or central organization
cen·tral·i·za·tion \ˌsen-trə-lə-ˈzā-shən\ noun
cen·tral·iz·er \ˈsen-trə-ˌlī-zər\ noun

Examples of CENTRALIZE

  1. All shipping operations have been centralized at the Miami office.
  2. The controversial reforms could be used to further centralize power in the hands of one party.

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