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noun car·ron·ade \ˌka-rə-ˈnād\

Definition of carronade

  1. :  a short-barreled gun of the late 18th and 19th centuries that fired large shot at short range and was used especially on warships

Origin and Etymology of carronade

Carron, Scotland

First Known Use: 1779

Rhymes with carronade

accolade, Adelaide, ambuscade, aquacade, balustrade, barricade, cable-laid, cannonade, cavalcade, centigrade, chambermaid, chiffonade, colonnade, countertrade, custom-made, dairymaid, defilade, enfilade, escalade, escapade, esplanade, everglade, foreign aid, fusillade, gallopade, gasconade, grant-in-aid, hawser-laid, hearing aid, intergrade, legal aid, lemonade, marinade, marmalade, masquerade, meter maid, motorcade, orangeade, orthograde, overtrade, palisade, panty raid, pasquinade, plantigrade, promenade, ready-made, renegade, retrograde, serenade, stock-in-trade, tailor-made, underlaid, visual aid

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