noun \ˈa-kə-ˌlād, -ˌläd\

: an award or an expression of praise

Full Definition of ACCOLADE

a :  a ceremonial embrace
b :  a ceremony or salute conferring knighthood
a :  a mark of acknowledgment :  award
b :  an expression of praise
:  a brace or a line used in music to join two or more staffs carrying simultaneous parts

Examples of ACCOLADE

  1. There is no higher accolade at this school than an honorary degree.
  2. <for their exceptional bravery the firefighters received accolades from both local and national officials>

Origin of ACCOLADE

French, from accoler to embrace, from Vulgar Latin *accollare, from Latin ad- + collum neck — more at collar
First Known Use: 1623


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