noun car·i·bou \ˈker-ə-ˌbü, ˈka-rə-\

: a large type of deer that lives in northern parts of the world

plural car·i·bou or car·i·bous

Full Definition of CARIBOU

:  a large gregarious deer (Rangifer tarandus) of Holarctic taiga and tundra that usually has palmate antlers in both sexes —used especially for one of the New World —called also reindeer

Illustration of CARIBOU

Origin of CARIBOU

Canadian French, from Micmac γalipu
First Known Use: circa 1665
CARIBOUS Defined for Kids


noun car·i·bou \ˈker-ə-ˌbü\

Definition of CARIBOU for Kids

:  a large deer of northern and arctic regions that has antlers in both the male and female

Hint for CARIBOU

The word caribou is used especially to refer to these animals when they live in North America. The word reindeer is usually used for these animals when they live in Europe and Asia.


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