adjective \-ləs\

: not using care : not careful

: done, made, or said without enough thought or attention

Full Definition of CARELESS

a :  free from care :  untroubled <careless days>
b :  indifferent, unconcerned <careless of the consequences>
:  not taking care
:  not showing or receiving care:
a :  negligent, slovenly <careless writing>
b :  unstudied, spontaneous <a careless grace>
c obsolete :  unvalued, disregarded
care·less·ly adverb
care·less·ness noun

Examples of CARELESS

  1. He is a careless worker.
  2. She was careless with my things.
  3. It was a careless mistake.
  4. a newspaper known for careless reporting

First Known Use of CARELESS

before 12th century


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