noun \kan-ˈtēn\

: a store in a camp, school, etc., in which food, drinks, and small supplies are sold

: a place where drinks and entertainment are provided for soldiers at a military base or camp

: a place where food is served in a factory, school, etc.

Full Definition of CANTEEN

a :  a portable chest with compartments for carrying bottles or for cooking and eating utensils
b :  a flask for carrying liquids (as on a hike)
c :  mess kit
d British :  a chest for storing flatware
a :  a bar at a military post or camp
b :  a general store at a military post :  exchange
c :  an establishment that serves as an informal social club (as for soldiers or a community's teenagers)
d :  a small cafeteria or snack bar

Origin of CANTEEN

French cantine bottle case, sutler's shop, from Italian cantina wine cellar, probably from canto corner, from Latin canthus iron tire — more at cant
First Known Use: 1737


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