Canada goose


Canada goose


: a goose of North America that is mostly gray and brown with a black head and neck

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:  the common wild goose (Branta canadensis) of North America that is chiefly gray and brownish with black head and neck and a white patch running from the sides of the head under the throat

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Canada goose

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Canada goose (Branta canadensis).—Leonard Lee Rue III

Brown-backed, light-breasted goose (Branta canadensis) with a black head and neck and white cheeks. Subspecies vary in size, from the 2-kg (4.4-lb) cackling goose to the 6.5-kg (14.3-lb) giant Canada goose, which has a wingspread of up to 2 m (6.6 ft). Canada geese breed across Canada and Alaska and winter mainly in the southern U.S. and Mexico; they have been introduced into England and other countries. They are an important game bird. Their almost incessant honking draws attention to their V-formations during migration. In recent years their population in North America has increased, making them pests in some inhabited areas.


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