adjective \ˈka-ləs\

: not feeling or showing any concern about the problems or suffering of other people

Full Definition of CALLOUS

a :  being hardened and thickened
b :  having calluses <callous hands>
a :  feeling no emotion
b :  feeling or showing no sympathy for others :  hard-hearted <a callous indifference to suffering>
cal·lous·ly adverb
cal·lous·ness noun

Examples of CALLOUS

  1. a selfish and callous young man
  2. a callous refusal to help the poor
  3. … under Orton's own companionable charm there was something hard and callous, the result no doubt of a loveless upbringing … —Benedict Nightingale, New York Times Book Review, 10 May 1987

Origin of CALLOUS

Middle English, from Latin callosus, from callum, callus callous skin
First Known Use: 15th century


verb \ˈka-ləs\

Definition of CALLOUS

transitive verb
:  to make callous (see 1callous) <hands calloused by hard manual labor>

Origin of CALLOUS

(see 1callous)
First Known Use: 1834

Other Biology Terms

autochthonous, fecund, homunculus, phylogeny, substrate

Rhymes with CALLOUS


adjective \ˈkal-əs\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of CALLOUS

: being hardened and thickened
: having calluses


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