noun buz·zard \ˈbə-zərd\

: a kind of large bird that eats animals that are already dead

: a kind of large hawk

Full Definition of BUZZARD

chiefly British :  buteo
:  any of various usually large birds of prey (as the turkey vulture)
:  a contemptible or rapacious person

Examples of BUZZARD

  1. <the real estate buzzards were really putting pressure on the one homeowner who was still refusing to sell>
  2. <that crotchety old man can be a real buzzard when he's in a bad mood—which is usually the case>

Origin of BUZZARD

Middle English busard, from Old French, alteration of buison, from Latin buteon, buteo hawk
First Known Use: 14th century
BUZZARD Defined for Kids


noun buz·zard \ˈbə-zərd\

Definition of BUZZARD for Kids

:  a usually large bird of prey that flies slowly
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