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adjective \ˈbrəsk\

Simple Definition of brusque

  • : talking or behaving in a very direct, brief, and unfriendly way

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of brusque

  1. 1 :  markedly short and abrupt

  2. 2 :  blunt in manner or speech often to the point of ungracious harshness

brusquely adverb
brusqueness noun

Examples of brusque in a sentence

  1. She asked for a cup of coffee and received a brusque reply: We don't have any.

  2. The teacher was brusque and impatient.

Did You Know?

We borrowed "brusque" from French in the 1600s. The French, in turn, had borrowed it from Italian, where it was spelled "brusco" and meant "tart." And the Italian term came from "bruscus," the Medieval Latin name for butcher's-broom, a shrub whose bristly leaf-like twigs have long been used for making brooms. English speakers initially used "brusque" to refer to a tartness in wine, but the word soon came to denote a harsh and stiff manner - which is just what you might expect of a word bristling with associations to stiff, scratchy brooms.

Variants of brusque

also brusk play \ˈbrəsk\

Origin of brusque

French brusque, from Italian brusco, from Medieval Latin bruscus butcher's-broom (plant with bristly twigs)

First Known Use: 1651

Synonym Discussion of brusque

bluff, blunt, brusque, curt, crusty, gruff mean abrupt and unceremonious in speech and manner. bluff connotes good-natured outspokenness and unconventionality <a bluff manner>. blunt suggests directness of expression in disregard of others' feelings <a blunt appraisal>. brusque applies to a sharpness or ungraciousness <a brusque response>. curt implies disconcerting shortness or rude conciseness <a curt command>. crusty suggests a harsh or surly manner sometimes concealing an inner kindliness <a crusty exterior>. gruff suggests a hoarse or husky speech which may imply bad temper but more often implies embarrassment or shyness <puts on a gruff pose>.

Rhymes with brusque

BRUSQUE Defined for Kids


adjective \ˈbrəsk\

Definition of brusque for Students

  1. :  so abrupt and frank in manner or speech as to be impolite <a brusque doctor> <a brusque reply>

brusquely adjective
brusqueness noun

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