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brownie point

noun, often capitalized B

Definition of brownie point

  1. :  a credit regarded as earned especially by currying favor (as with a superior)

Circa 1962

First Known Use of brownie point

circa 1962

Rhymes with brownie point

at gunpoint, at knifepoint, basis point, boiling point, breaking point, cardinal point, counterpoint, Curie point, disappoint, extra point, floating-point, focal point, freezing point, growing point, ideal point, knuckle joint, melting point, miter joint, needlepoint, out of joint, pedal point, petit point, point-to-point, pressure point, rabbet joint, selling point, silverpoint, sticking point, strain a point, stretch a point, talking point, to the point, trigger point, triple point, turning point, vantage point, vowel point

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to conspire or plot

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