noun \-ˌpint\

: designs made by covering a piece of cloth with small stitches

: the activity or art of making needlepoint

Full Definition of NEEDLEPOINT

:  lace worked with a needle over a paper pattern
:  embroidery done on canvas usually in simple even stitches across counted threads
needlepoint adjective


  1. She sold her needlepoint at the arts and crafts fair.
  2. Her hobbies include knitting and needlepoint.

First Known Use of NEEDLEPOINT



noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Type of embroidery in which the stitches are counted and worked with a needle over the threads, or mesh, of a canvas foundation. It was known as canvas work until the early 19th century. If the canvas has 16 or more mesh holes per linear inch, the embroidery is called petit point; most needlepoint was petit point in the 16th–18th century. Needlepoint as it is known today originated in the 17th century, when the fashion for furniture upholstered with embroidered fabrics prompted the development of a more durable material to serve as the embroidery's foundation. Wool is generally used for needlepoint, silk yarn less often. Needlepoint kits, containing canvas stamped with a design and all the materials needed for the project, were sold as early as the mid-18th century. See also bargello.


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