noun \ˈbrakt\

Definition of BRACT

:  a leaf from the axil of which a flower or floral axis arises
:  a leaf borne on a floral axis; especially :  one subtending a flower or flower cluster
brac·te·al \ˈbrak-tē-əl\ adjective
brac·te·ate \-tē-ət, -ˌāt\ adjective
bract·ed \-təd\ adjective

Origin of BRACT

New Latin bractea, from Latin, thin metal plate
First Known Use: 1770


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Modified, usually small, leaflike structure often positioned beneath a flower or inflorescence. What are often taken to be the petals of flowers are sometimes bracts—for example, the large, colourful bracts of poinsettias or the showy white or pink bracts of dogwood blossoms.


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