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bowl over


Definition of bowl over

  1. transitive verb
  2. 1 :  to take unawares

  3. 2 :  1impress 2


First Known Use of bowl over


Rhymes with bowl over

allover, all over, bind over, blow over, boil over, changeover, chew over, comb-over, come over, crossover, cross over, cutover, flashover, flyover, get over, give over, go over, hand over, hangover, Hannover, holdover, hold over, in clover, kick over, knock over, layover, lay over, leftover, lie over, look over, makeover, make over, mess over, moreover, once-over, Passover, pass over, pick over, popover, pullover, pull over, pushover, put over, red clover, Rickover, rollover, roll over, runover, run over, sea rover, slipover, spillover, stopover, strikeover, sweet clover, takeover, take over, talk over, throw over, tide over, turnover, turn over, voice-over, walkover, walk over, warmed-over, watch over, wingover, work over

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articulated in the throat

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